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Woolly Walrus Games 

can i question what do metronom,something like note (sor for bad eng language,im from russia) 

спросить по-русски

привет,а что делают эти ноты,метрономы или они только звук музыку меняют?

они просто меняют звук. нажмите стрелки в левом нижнем углу, чтобы изменить их


что такое метроном?)

является устройством, которое производит слышимый щелчок или другой звук с регулярным интервалом, который может быть установлен пользователем, как правило, в ударах в минуту (BPM). Музыканты используют устройство, чтобы тренироваться играть на регулярной основе

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how do you challenge: reach level 3 only with 3 blocks (I'm Russian:)

I had just killed the circle boss, and went to the next level, when I spawned I was off screen and couldn't play anymore

Hey sorry about that, thanks for the bug report. That happened to me as well a week ago. I believe we have fixed that and should not happen in the next patch we release shortly.


Спасибо что обратили внимание

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I got a bug, and the only solution to that problem was re-entering the game. Just wanted to report about that.

 I hope this game will become more popular soon, I look forward to seeing new updates)bug

Hey thanks for the bug report. We are aware of that problem and are working to fix it now. We got lots more updates coming!


Дабавте версию на телефон (просто добавьте джостик)

Кстати, хорошая идея

возможно версия телефона позже


Now this will be my new FL Studio app

I managed to max out the power ups.  This is so addicting. I just wonder what is that golden portal? I think it was a maze but after a while I just went to a normal stage.MAXED OUT

Wow nicely done. We got lots more content coming soon for you to try out. shhh, the portal is a secret. haha

The game is good, but there are a few ideas, you need to add a boss’s life counter, it would be very interesting to know how many lives I’m losing with my option of winning the game, you could also add a new mode, so that it would be like a reflection of enemies from your spawn,  It would also be interesting, but the bugs themselves, there are a lot of them, when I played in fullscreen mode, when I switched to another location, the camera was in a completely wrong place.

Thanks for the feedback, not sure I understand some of your suggestions. We are working on fixing all of the bugs and will look into that camera issue. Thank you

l fined 1 fun bags. During invisible u can get into the first boss and u  cant give dmg from the boss.

Thanks for the bug report. We are aware of that bug, but it doesn't bother us right now, maybe we will fix later.


May be will be more interesting if add some multiplyer? First gamer will be a bassist, second - write drum's, and other? It will be fun, like RPG classes

Probably not going to add multyplayer, but we will see. thanks for the feedback


I absolutely love the game. Very cool idea. Was playing for an unhealthy amount of time lately and I'm not exagerating... Noticed that there would be information pages and more contents coming soon, and I'm looking forward. Anyway, I put it on wishlist and can't wait for the full release!

And if anyone is interested... Turret + Barrage + Heavy bullet is a broken combi. Got that once and I played with 5 hearts until  I was super sleepy, can no longer take it and just feed myself to the bee. Don't bother upgrade the turret to 5 tho..

wow awesome! glad you like it and thanks for the wishlist. I actually just updated the game this morning, so if you refresh the web player the game now has the tooltips for the abilities. Try it out, let me know what you think of it.


The tooltip was a life saver, thanks for adding. Though I think can you possibly describe it clearer? Since some of them still not really describe how the ability works (e.g the Comet I don't quite understand what it does).

I also noticed after 4 or 5 stages if I go for the miniboss room, the miniboss won't show up. Dunno if that was a bug or something. I've also got the black screen bug that someone else reported up above. Really waiting for the updates!

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Is the randomness of the shooting intended, or is it a bug?

Still, awesome game!!Have been playing this for over 2 hour.

the upgrade of the bullet(the square one)  is sometime disappointing to use (you won't really know the effect by looking at the icon) and maybe you can change it to when you pick up another upgrade, you would drop the one you originally have one you.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Glad you like it. We are doing tool tips and item descriptions, hopefully that solves your concerns:
here is a lil video to show you: tool tips video
As for the bullets going in weird directions that's  because you picked up an item that does that.


Got really hooked! Amazing work! Can't wait for the full release!

Great to hear!  If you want to be alerted when the game is finished, be sure to wishlist it on steam.


Fantastic improvements to earlier versions. The notes sound much better than before and picking up the notes that changes the sound is awesome. I love hearing how the music changes based on the items I pick up. I made it to a bug boss that shot out little bugs at me. Entered the fight with only 1 heart so that was expected.


Awesome, glad you like the changes! A lot more stuff to come!

hey i played the game (quite a lot) since the Alpha 2.0 and i'm get really involved with the game and loved i, and i see that you dont update the game since 3 months ago so.........   WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I NEED TO KNOW ,  I LOVE THIS GAME ,  PLEASE DONT END WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS MASTERPIECE

Hey thanks for staying interested. We will have an update soon. We are currently working on the game part time and have been really busy.
Dont worry we are going to keep working on it tho!


Been playing this for an Hour now and having alot of fun just with this alpha alone. changes I would make is Lowering the speed of the Laser attack  of the first Boss a Little because I always lose a Heart when he does it, and maybe some Rougelite Mechanics to have, other than that Im sure other people can point out other problems. But really I am content with what you have here, keep up the good work.


Hey thanks for playing and the feedback on the laser. Plenty more to come!


Another quick suggestion: The upgrade that makes your bullets hover in a ring around you is sort of bad because if you're in a relatively enclosed space (because your range is effectively limited to the radius of that ring, and its very hard to hit things either in or outside of it) the bullets just hit the wall and you have almost no firepower. Maybe make the bullets have a sort of phase effect where they can't go through walls but come out where the circle would be so its not completely useless?

As a note when the bee boss does lasers and then summons minions, it sometimes spawns on top of you and makes you lose a life.


I made an account just to comment on this: I love this game, but there could be some more documentation on what particular items do. Second, the bee's lazers on level 2 are sort of broken. Besides that, will the steam version be free? Great game, great beta! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback and making an account.

There is a new menu system and item documentation on the way. The bee lasers are being fixed to give more time to dodge. The Steam version will be I think $10-20 range, not sure yet but we will have some sales.  Thank you!


Woolly Walrus Games, one thing i think that could chenge is the menu, i know that the game is under development, but i thinks its to amazing to have a simple menu like that.

Other thing is that when you start the game, clicking in play, it freezes for a time and then you start playing, i think a LOADING... screen could be useful

PS: the first time the screen freezes i though that my Pc have broken

Yep a new menus system is coming soon. Its number one priority right now.


oH yeS 

I Beat all the 3 levels

Created an account to give a review,  and ask a few questions 

1) I love the game 

2)I find the darkness to close to the character as sometimes things come out of the darkness to quickly and hit you before you have time to react 

3) I love the game 

4)i think the game would benefit from a item drop descriptions page giving information of what each items do and what extra you get from each level like i've gotten the blade one both green and white and didn't notice a difference,

5) When this releases on steam will the online version still be available ?

6) Is the drop rate for note-blocks the same for every 

7) I find the Level 2 Boss difficult as after the bee lazzer attack it tends to drop on top of me every time mostly killing me is there a way to prevent that 

Hey thanks for playing and creating an account to give us some feedback.

2) Yah some people have mentioned the darkness, we will open it up a bit more. We also want to do some other cool stuff with lighting down the road.

1) 3) Haha thank you, I appreciate it.

4) An information page is coming soon. We are doing new menus and that will be included. The different tier of items just do more damage for now. We would ideally like to differentiate them more in the future.

5) I'm not entirely sure, if people want it still on itch, we could sell it. Would you want to buy an online version rather then having it on your steam?

6) not sure if I understand exactly what your asking. But each time you kill an enemy you have a percentage it will drop a note.This percentage changes in different rooms as you play. some RNG

7) Yes in our next update the Bee boss will drop slower and I believe not damage the player.

Thanks again for the feedback!

5) could you please stay the Demo Free?

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I will keep a version of the demo up, but it wont have all the content. When the game goes up on steam if you cant afford it ($10-20) I'll send you a free copy :)

Oh Yesss!


10 dollars ouch

The game is probably worth it though

For 6 you answered what I ment, I was asking about drop rate for kills, and 5 I think I would prefer the game to be on steam yeah.

Is there a rough target for steam release ?

We are going to do steam early access.  We originally thought this October for release but now we are thinking 2020 March-ish.

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I've found the hive laser attack of the second boss has a nearly impossible time frame, and apparently it always is too dense. Also, my dash's immunity frames are too short to reasonably get through the absurd spinney laser of the first phase of the first boss. Also, the vignette really needs to go: there's been many times where i run into something I cannot see. Additionally, the addition of the bees and insects does fit with the hex background, but it's a bit jarring as everything else is a simple shape. Maybe make them ellipses instead? 

Thank you for your feedback. I'll work on fixing those things.


The second part of the first boss is nearly impossible to avoid the laser

I like the insects, but agree they are pretty strange

I realy get confused with some things, like the levels of power ups and the colored creatures, I DONT KNOW how they work. I think that a "one frame tutorial" would help.

Thanks for the feedback, we will slow down the boss lasers and will try to explain things better in the game.

THX  (-:


It was quite fun. the only complaint\constructive criticisms I can come up with is maybe there should be points where you can redo\respec your song. You might have already put one in and I just didn't find it

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Hey thanks for playing and the feedback.
You can click on your placed notes to remove them and place them again.
And the arrows in the far left can change the sound of that row of notes.


very fun and its great to hear your own creation tear them apart

Thank you, glad you liked it!


Very welll game design but it could have save points

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well most rogue like games don't use save points so you can see your progression in skill as you play

that's OK, but i really get stuck in some parts and would be cool to see all the game to help the development

I'll tell you a secret. but shhh, don't tell anyone. You can press (shift) + (G) buttons at the same time in the game to get god mode.
So you can see the entire game, while you wait for updates.


Very well made

Only complaint is a snake sometimes came into vision and hit me before the dodge started so maybe make viewing circle a bit bigger

Thanks for playing and the feedback. Glad you liked it. I will increase the viewing circle a touch, thanks.


And thank you for responding



Awesome thanks for playing our game and sharing! Was cool to see you rap to the game 2 lol.




Just made an account to say how much fun it is! spent a lot of time to see how far i could go and i must say its very good! i loved the challenging parts with lots of enemies around really got me sweating when i was with only 1 heart! The only thing is that it begins to get a little repetitive after getting many notes and you just keep trying changing stuff, also when enemies are just too close to the door and you cant avoid getting damage, but i guess thats just from the demo.. anyway, its really fun which i think its the most important thing in a game like this, and you got it! Hope to see more of it!.


Oh awesome, thanks for playing and the kind words!
We are working on adding a lot more content (enemies, powers, bosses, sounds etc) so hopefully that will help keep it exciting.
We also just did some changes to help fix with the enemies lingering too much around the door.
Thanks for making an account and sharing this with us, was nice to read.
I'm excited for you to test some upcoming builds and would love more feedback down the line.



Saw your post on reddit about this game and decided to check it out. I'm  really surprised at how good I found it to be. I initially thought that the music blocks didn't make good sounds but as I went through the level it started to create a beat that sounded pretty good. And that was with me just placing blocks kinda randomly.

I didn't get too far but the only negative thing I can say is that there's no space between you dying and the game over screen popping up. It's pretty jarring.


Awesome, thanks for playing and the feedback.

I agree on the death screen being jarring, been bothering me 2. Will fix that soon, also all the menus are going to be redone shortly.
Here is how the new start menu will look. I'm pretty excited for it!

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This update with the explanations is pretty okay, but the fact that I've zero immunity frames when entering, making me lose a heart without being able to avoid it, is still annoying. Many times I've lost a heart due to this alone. Give me immunity frames when I enter a room.


Please fix the intrinsic issue, having a double-door for no reason other than to stop backtracking (which you can just do by sealing off all other doors permanently when you choose one) rather than attempting to fix it with programmery. A fix of the initial problem is always a better fix than the fix of the symptom.

Thanks for the feedback. I will fix that.

The doors don't lock. The only thing that can break it is two rooms spawning on top of each other, which is a separate, larger issue. Most likely time would be the first room of a new floor. We will fix this.


Ah, okay. Thanks. That is indeed where it happened, so that checks out.

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Managed to get Wave 4 of the fourth level. The little triangles need to be a bit more noticeable, maybe have a trail behind them? Or maybe do away with the 'fog' altogether, as it's a bit hard to see anything. Also, dashing into a pickup at just the right time doesn't pick it up, as well as having it follow you out of the room. The orbit effect needs to be buffed, maybe the bullets shouldn't hit the wall or maybe they should collide with enemy bullets?

Hey thanks for playing and the feedback, I'll take your comments into consideration.

(3 edits) (+1)

It would be cool if I had some immunity when entering a room so I don't immediately get rushed by everything and inevitably take a hit.

Additionally, I sure love running into things I cannot see. Take, for example, bullets that are practically invisible when you're focusing on avoiding everything else. Worms that come out of your field of vision and immediately hit you. As well as other things.

Finally, there are some issues with the levels. At times, it may do some softlocks such as: 

• Enemies getting stuck in walls,

• Levels closing you in between hallways. I would think there should only need to be one door.

• As well as others.

Please fix these issues in the next build.


Hi thanks for the feedback. Yep we have already fixed most of those bugs and will be fixing a few other things. 
I agree entering a room needs to be better and I'll try to make dangerous things more visible. Thanks again for playing and I hope you try the new build in a couple of days.


Would be nice to slide by the wall if you're pressing diagonally against it.


Hey Thanks for playing and all the great feedback and bug reports. We have just about fixed all those bugs and will be uploading a new build in a few days. I agree about the wall movement and diagonal movement and those are on our to do list.


I noticed the diagonal movement is faster than the vertical/horizontal movement. If that's not intentional, you probably want to normalize the direction vector after adding up the axis.


Suggestion: One thing I noticed, the game runs at a slower framerate when the window is not focused, and what happens is that the sound still plays at a slow pace. Would be nice to pause the game when it's not focused, and wait for the player to click on a button to resume the gameplay.

(2 edits) (+1)

Bugreport: Sometimes the "snake" enemy "dies" (stops moving), one of its circles becomes basically invincible, stuck there forever. Anyway, the room enemy count checks out and you can go the the next room. After changing rooms, that circle still counts as an enemy, keeping you "locked" in that room, and there's no way for you to go back to kill it. Forced to reload the game.
A suggestion would be to force kill enemies out of your room.


Bugreport: Sometimes, when the enemy splits into more enemies, the enemy count goes wrong, and the room unlocks before all enemies are dead. When you kill an enemy after the room is unlocked and proceed to the corridor, you get stuck between the rooms and youre forced to reload the game.


Man this is absolutly spectacular! I'm really loving it!

Thank you! Thats really nice, lots more stuff to come.

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