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It crashes my browser when I run it :(

absolutely LOVE bullet hell games

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Glad you like it!  We have lots of great updates planned for Early Access.


also, what do the music notes (not the blocks) do other than change the sound?

They are audio cosmetics.  Changing the sound is their only purpose aside from the purple missiles that you shoot when you collect them.


what is new in 5.7?


when i saw gameplay of this on Alpha Beta Gamer's channel along with another youtuber who did and still might be doing videos on this game, i figured i'd give it a shot since it looked fun and see how far i could get.

i didn't anticipate to reach floor 8 though.

aside from that unexpected achievement, this is really good! i am curious on what makes blue-colored enemies different though. i can tell green enemies go faster (i think) and yellow enemies seem to shoot/cooldown faster, with purple enemies splitting into three smaller ones, but the blue ones i'm not entirely sure. do they have more health or something?

Close!  Blue elites have more health and are larger and shoot larger projectiles.  Green elites move faster and shoot faster projectiles.  Yellow elites don't give off any light (we may rework that one later).  Purples do indeed split into 3 smaller versions of the same enemy when you destroy them.

ah, i see. thanks for clarifying!


gatling plus full yellows is still my favorite I AM THE SUN

lol havent played in awhile didnt expect mr floor 1 boss to go MOBILE

I don't know if it's intended or not but you can see if the next room you'll enter is going to be a normal,a  mini boss or a boss room if you aim green shoots to the door ways on the sides.


I feel like the shield is due for a rework. How i think it could be changed is instead of having 4 little balls float around you, have 4 quarters of a circle floating around you. That way you're actually protected from a bullet instead of you dodging a shot but your shield gets hit and is removed, not fair on the player. The shield should regen one quarter only if the play does not get hit during the room. That way players who dodge shots are rewarded and players cannot just hide behind the shield constantly.

wow that seems really unfair to us cowards

i cant wait until we get beat blast beta


I really like this game but i think it would be better with a sandbox mode.

You can change what weapons/upgrades you have, spawn enemies for practice, etc it would make the game a lot better for new players.


I like everything in the new update, except the removal  of the gatling SFX, I hope you will make that togglable, because now I can only see the gatling but not hear it in the music. For me it added something to the game's premise of building one's own soundtrack.

edit: the sound you get when you get an upgrade is random, so its not the first upgrade. one of the kick SFX and one of the bass guitar SFX you have are too loud, go through them and fix pls

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when you get the first upgrade for the bass drum, the sound is really loud

I cant believe it... i beat the first boss...

I have a few things to say.

First, you should add an easy mode which gives the player 5 health at the start.

Second, I encountered a bug. I don't know how to explain this very well, but I dashed, and then AFTER I WAS DONE DASHING, I went through the laser without taking damage.

Third, the description for the heart in the shop is "Takes a LICKING." I am pretty sure that it is supposed to say liking.

Thanks for making this, it's one of my favorite games of all time!

Congrats! Yah the dodge is suppose to do that. Use it to avoid lasers and bullets by timing the dodge at the right time.

But dashisg was over when I went through

it is made that way to make the game more forgiving. Don't complain about a mechanic that helps the player and makes the game more fun.

I am not complaining, and do not think that is supposed to happen. I am just pointing out what is most likely a bug.

oh then nevermind, yeah it kind of seems like a bug if you think about it. But it still makes the game more fun to play.


Ok, now i'm think in a thing, you added other game mode, so that means that we need to have a 'Menu' button in the defeat screen.

I just realized this cause i lose and wanted to back to menu

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Yah we will get that in there.

Hello again! New notes:

- New sfx and music is great!

- Level counter :DDDD

- The actual beat is in the middle of the column in the sequencer..? I feel like it was at the very left of each column before. With it in the middle it feels like the music is dragging or the sequencer bar is rushing. Very minor gripe.

- Different door texture for the boss room, very nice.

- Power-ups now at the beginning of the sequencer! Thank you!

- No mini speed boost from the top line of the sequencer too, nice to be more consistent

- Warning circle for the bugs instead of just a shadow is very helpful

- The splitshot sounds a bit too similar to the damage taken sound, keep thinking I took damage when I didn't

- Third boss is great!

- Eye boss looks pISSEd second time round, love it

- Strange visual bug that happened once where the bug mini-boss' bullets didn't have the overlay geometric texture, just the red glow underneath

- Changing the texture of the ball is pretty cool

- Homing bullets and spiral bullets don't play well together

That's all for now! I'll play deeper into the game when I got the time, but I gotta sleep now. Good work!

Hey thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the updates. We are aware of those bugs and are working on them. Lots more to come!


Keep up the good work!
I used to play this game quite a bit ago. The new stuff impletmented such as the 3rd boss and the Compete option giving a new aspect to the game is awesome! I'll definitivly play on the steam release. 
Also, i'm on chrome w/ bad RAM and i have no lag or input lag. Nicely done!

For some reason when I'm playing this demo on Brave, it stops loading and sends an error, but when I try to play it on Edge, the mouse cursor is not visible!

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I got a bug where enemies are inside of the wall. This made it impossible to move on. Maybe the rooms could open automatically if you take too long.

We're sorry that happened! We were pretty sure it that bug had been resolved.  Do you remember which level you were on?

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I got it on 5-2, also the purple worms seem to pretty buggy. They basically go behind the level. Pretty similar to the super mario bros 3 glitch.

Pleas change your seeding technique.

It's quite frustrating, that even with the same seed the room positin changes sometimes in the new compete mode. Either the room positioning changes always a little or it's the howl time the same!

Otherwise the game is realy good. I realy like it!!

Thanks for your feedback. Yah based off your health and how much money you have the game will spawn different things to help out the player. For instance if you have below 50$ it wont spawn a store. But we are still working on making it better.

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can you please tone down the difficulty and ramp up the drops just a TEENSY  bit?

not a lot, just make it like, a 28/50 chance?


The new game art is weird. I liked the old one.


My PC can't load it normally, chrome doesn't respond after ≈80% of loading

Chrome and Vivaldi are known to have some issues.  We recommend Mozilla Firefox, but Internet Edge and Safari also play it well.

oof ok, i will try


It would be nice if you could save your world progress instead of having to restart every time. Not each room, but each world.

Constant input lag on Chrome. On Firefox it's not constant, it just suddenly lags especially when there's many sprites (and you die).

Very cool game though, I hope that can be fixed.

Hey Glad you like it. The lag issues are only on the Web version because the web player can only handle soo much stuff. Our Steam release coming soon has close to zero lag.

This game is great, 

I really like the golden portal and what it does, but maybe an animation of it forming could be implemented? Maybe something like lightning striking the ground, or maybe the portal could distort the area around it and then form.

Keep up with making this, as this game takes my mind off of the boredom of doing work during lockdown.


Are there plans to make this multiplayer? Having like 2 or 3 people playing with you would be really awesome!

An entire row of yellow notes and minigun is op

Basically your character is exploding every 0.1 seconds


bad side

you can barely see your character

Yeah, you basically turn into a walking hitbox.


I played this game since 2.0, but stop playing it in 3.0 (i left for some time)


i am ready to beat this game again, cause this game is a MASTERPIECE


Welcome back!  We have some cool stuff coming in the next week or so.

This was surprisingly retaining despite its simple looks. The different samples were a really nice touch and imo had as much impact as the power-ups.  Would it be possible for the sample name to appear above the sequencer for a few seconds when changing samples to easier navigate between them and because it can be hard to differentiate between the samples?

I want to buy it on Steam


Whats up Gamers, Im Back :D, just had lots of things going on but im back and here to do some beta testing bois (lol u prob forgot about me lolol its fine lol just happy to be back lol)


Very fun!  Rhythm and music games are some of my favorites.

One time I entered a miniboss room and there was no miniboss.

they are trying to fix it right now

Why are the bugs that the 2nd boss shoot out invincible? I get that they're bullets, but it made no sense that my machine gun yellows couldn't kill them.

I don't get why the shop discount is equal to the bit boost.

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