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The new game art is weird. I liked the old one.


My PC can't load it normally, chrome doesn't respond after ≈80% of loading

Chrome and Vivaldi are known to have some issues.  We recommend Mozilla Firefox, but Internet Edge and Safari also play it well.

oof ok, i will try


It would be nice if you could save your world progress instead of having to restart every time. Not each room, but each world.

Constant input lag on Chrome. On Firefox it's not constant, it just suddenly lags especially when there's many sprites (and you die).

Very cool game though, I hope that can be fixed.

Hey Glad you like it. The lag issues are only on the Web version because the web player can only handle soo much stuff. Our Steam release coming soon has close to zero lag.

This game is great, 

I really like the golden portal and what it does, but maybe an animation of it forming could be implemented? Maybe something like lightning striking the ground, or maybe the portal could distort the area around it and then form.

Keep up with making this, as this game takes my mind off of the boredom of doing work during lockdown.


Are there plans to make this multiplayer? Having like 2 or 3 people playing with you would be really awesome!

An entire row of yellow notes and minigun is op

Basically your character is exploding every 0.1 seconds


bad side

you can barely see your character

Yeah, you basically turn into a walking hitbox.


I played this game since 2.0, but stop playing it in 3.0 (i left for some time)


i am ready to beat this game again, cause this game is a MASTERPIECE


Welcome back!  We have some cool stuff coming in the next week or so.

This was surprisingly retaining despite its simple looks. The different samples were a really nice touch and imo had as much impact as the power-ups.  Would it be possible for the sample name to appear above the sequencer for a few seconds when changing samples to easier navigate between them and because it can be hard to differentiate between the samples?

I want to buy it on Steam


Whats up Gamers, Im Back :D, just had lots of things going on but im back and here to do some beta testing bois (lol u prob forgot about me lolol its fine lol just happy to be back lol)


Very fun!  Rhythm and music games are some of my favorites.

One time I entered a miniboss room and there was no miniboss.

they are trying to fix it right now

Why are the bugs that the 2nd boss shoot out invincible? I get that they're bullets, but it made no sense that my machine gun yellows couldn't kill them.

I don't get why the shop discount is equal to the bit boost.

the game crashed.

do i win?

You should play the most recent version.  You might get more of a challenge out of it!

WOW  new portal after the boss is crazy! I got 5 notes and big bullets from it!

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Here's my idea for a red note!

A secondary melee attack for you brave warriors out there! i might add more GIF's for the colored swords later!

THEY PUT IN THE GAME (Sword of...)

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BTW, the character is aiming north.  I made a comment on 5/6/2020 explaining this idea.


Very cool.  Could be a power in the future!

When I see this, I feel like this should do something with deflecting enemy bullets/orbs. Just an idea.

That's a cool idea! I was thinking a sword, but that's also really cool!

I think it could increase the radius of bullets when paired with them.  like a saw or something.

like a sword

Also the new laser turrets at 3rd stage is very cool!


I really dont understand what changes with upgrading equipments. Maybe there should be some explamination about it? Or you can change upgrades? Like, when you increase laser to 2 it will shoot one more extra laser. :)

Me too. Maybe it increases damage or range?

Each upgrade boosts the power note column's damage

Is it increased by a substantial amount or  five percent?

Is the sharpshooter passive stat supposed to not seek with heat seeking missiles passive stat equipped? Or is that a bug.

Thanks for reporting this.  We'll look into it.


Just wow. The new visual information you guys have provided is just AMAZING. its so simple, so cute and just looks really nice. I especially love that i now hold a little minigun when i pick that upgrade up :,) it looks adorable. The new visual que for the bug boss fight is genius. love it all. 

wouldn't it be funny if you started out with random note tunes maybe? i feel like that would add to the randomness possibly.

i feel like it would be nice to have a stats UI like when we hit escape/pause (for controller) kinda like binding of Isaac style but more accurate, could possibly add colours to the upgrades in the top right maybe? Such as red for increased damage, maybe colour the magnet upgrade red and blue like a traditional magnet, green for the increased amount of bits you get, might add a bit of flavour possibly :)

another little possible addition, for the bits on the ground, maybe randomise the colour they are? dont have it like a solid colour, like a very light faded colour or something; and can the bits maybe never despawn unless we leave the room? or would that take away the rewarding feeling of being able to pick them up in such a sticky situation? Not sure just throwing some ideas up there into the sky yakno :)

Hey thanks! glad you like the updates. Hmm colored money might be pretty. Thanks for all the great ideas.


I feel like the game got downgraded when speed boosts were removed

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We will be possibly introducing more speed mechanics to the game soon. That are more reliable for all play styles and that interact with enemies, bullets and music.


Maybe on the bug boss the attack where it shows red lines that you have to avoid, maybe it should give us a little more time to move out the way? It's kinda too fast and you need more RNG than skill to dodge out of its path.


Thanks for the feedback, yes we will be tweaking that soon.

By the way, how will you put notes in your song on the console version?


You know what would be fun? If you added multiplayer mode. 

Co-op mode: Harmonize with your ally! You get twice as many instruments but all other drops are just as common. Player 2 would have to teleport to player 1 when he enters a new room though...

Versus mode: each  player gets 8 notes, 2 options for square upgrade, 2 options for hexagon upgrade,  2 options for diamond upgrade, and 5 options for stat upgrades (you get 3 of them though) and then battles it out!

Nice ideas, but for now it isn't planned

This is a really unique and awesome game!  I found it by watching your YouTube channel.  I really like the combination of music and battle.  I would like more bosses and mini bosses but I understand that those will be added in the full release!  I would definitely buy the full game if it isn't too expensive and I already have it wish listed.  Very promising great job!

Glad you've been enjoying it!  Definitely more to come!  Thanks for wishlisting.


This game is awesome how it is, btw. I'm totally gonna get it on steam. Will you ever make it for console?

i dont think so, but they will add controller support

We would  very much like to port it to Switch, but that will depend upon the success of the Early Access launch on steam.

Yes! Thank You!

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Another thing about characters: What about a character that starts with 5 rows instead of 4? That would be awesome!

No extra notes will be added, not at least now

Stat upgrade: +1 option in shops and after bosses.

Stat upgrade: Notes drop more often

Side point: Can you remove the instrument loot room? I usually play with the sound off so I HATE it when I get that room. You could make the instruments do something though...

There was an idea, luck upgrade but was scraped

Also, if you have different characters, can you add the option to unlock stat upgrades and have one with you when you go in? Also, an option to make a defult layout at the start would be nice. Another thing: How about a really weak character who comes with A TON OF MONEY.

What if the original green were a seperate bullet type? It would no longer increase range though and would need a new color.

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Warning: this is very long BUT I split individual ideas into paragraphs for your convenience.

Can you add a little line with a dot at the end that shows you where you will be if you dash? This would help a lot as the first boss wouldn't kill me as often in round 1. I'm good at this game... but only once I get past boss 1. That's the hardest part, believe it or not. 

Also, how about there's a dash column where if you put notes in there it will upgrade the dash. (green=farther dash, blue = mini comet, yellow = small explosion after each dash, and purple makes you invulnerable after a dash for a second or 2 OR lowers dash cooldown.) This custom dash would make a 'Thump' Noise.

Can you add characters with different BPM, ATK, HP, amounts of columns, different colors (like instead of green yellow blue purple, they would have that double shot, fire yellow and blue.),  starting notes? I would understand if you didn't put it in the browser version, but the full version NEADS THIS.

Can the vannila green PLEASE BE SPEED? We want speed back! I always use it!

Okay, so note color: Red. It would shoot like a sword out on your right front, than rotate like the 1st boss's laser, only it would be a sword? Purple would do swords all around you, blue would deal more damage and make it wider, green would make it longer, and it yellow would make a big explosion in front of you.

Challenge mode: Notes are dual-colored instead of white and can only be put in one of those 2 rows. You can also use these in the real game as a bonus drop that are upgraded notes, maybe even single colored. 

Great ideas, but some wont make it in

is there any sort of cheat system, like a key bind to open a spawn menu of some sort for enemies, items, notes, etc? If not, I would love to see it.

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There is a special dev version, but you need to join discord


So I've been playing this game in my freetime, and I've NEVER encountered this. But I was trying to do a run, and I'd just killed the first boss and he dropped this yellow black hole and I was taken to this world where every room was loot, and I had like six hearts! I dont know if that's something that's not supposed to happen, or if its just really rare, but I've never gotten it to happen again.

Yeah that's a rare thing that can happen sometimes

Rare thing, very rare


All I can say is, this game is really fun, and the concept keeps me hooked, and is very different than most dungeon crawlers.

Even if you don't add anymore to the game, I'd still be playing it.

I can't get past the 1st bosses laser when you destroy his(is it a he?) shield though, lol.

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Oh, and I forgot to say this.

The main menu music is phenomenal, I hope you guys don't change it in later builds.

I'd also like to ask if you can add a level system. It doesn't need to amount to anything. Just to keep track of score, so more of a score system I guess.


Thanks for nice comments, glad you like it. There is a level counter after you beat the first boss. Make sure you dodge into the bosses lasers. you are invincible when you dodge :)


Okay, thanks!

I've tried dodging, but it's just too fast. I'm not complaining, it is a boss battle after all!


You can dash through, it is the only they to do that, just go into it and dash

I know, it's just hard. but, it's boss battle, it's supposed to be that way!

I think it's a robot or something? It's an it. There's no way laser shield circle people have genders.

You could add a rare enemy that spawns and drops lots of currency or a note but avoids the player and will disappear after a certain amount of time, this would mean that you have to risk getting past all the other enemies to get the reward


Wanna know something, there is a golden portal

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I know and its super cool, just having it show up randomly is what made me think an enemy equivalent would also be interesting

oh ok

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As a electronic music producer, I would love to see a game mode with the BPM vamped up - most likely an expert or hard mode! I love listening to the cool beats I end up making in this game, but the rhythm seems a bit sluggish, so I think a hard mode with stronger enemies and more difficult bosses (and of course, a faster beat, maybe 128BPM?) would be a great addition to the game!

Overall, I think this game is amazing and very unique. Your game has a lot of potential and could be a future banger!


Thanks for the feedback! We will be doing some things with the bpm soon that will hopefully blow you away. lol. Dropping the bpm and raising it for different rooms to give the game some varied pace.

it will be good if you add sandbox mode have unlimited money and all notes but health is the same. The sandbox mode will be a good feature beacuse the pros can learn about combos and weapons.

It'd also fun to just be able to make songs by mixing and matching powerups


There is a dev version, join discord for more info

where in discord is the dev version

you in?



IDEA: make it so if you maximize a note row you get a specific upgrade for that row; example: full triple gives pierce or wave

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