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This is an alpha demo of Woolly Walrus Games latest title and is not necessarily representative in any way of the final stage of the game.   This link is not to be redistributed without the consent of Woolly Walrus Games and we request that at this time you refrain from sharing any videos, screenshots or any other recording of early gameplay.

This demo is intended to get feedback on the interaction design and fun factor of the core gameplay.  Many systems, options and features have been stripped out in favour of a lean demo free of distractions.  We appreciate the time you've taken to play the demo and ask that you fill out our questionnaire here: SURVEY or contact us directly at for feedback.

Features to come:
More bosses, enemies and abilities. Also a new dungeon level system.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorWoolly Walrus Games
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, beat-blast, gamedev, html5-games, Music, Roguelike, rythm-game
Average sessionA few minutes


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It would be cool if I had some immunity when entering a room so I don't immediately get rushed by everything and inevitably take a hit.

Additionally, I sure love running into things I cannot see. Take, for example, bullets that are practically invisible when you're focusing on avoiding everything else. Worms that come out of your field of vision and immediately hit you. As well as other things.

Finally, there are some issues with the levels. At times, it may do some softlocks such as: 

• Enemies getting stuck in walls,

• Levels closing you in between hallways. I would think there should only need to be one door.

• As well as others.

Please fix these issues in the next build.

Hi thanks for the feedback. Yep we have already fixed most of those bugs and will be fixing a few other things. 
I agree entering a room needs to be better and I'll try to make dangerous things more visible. Thanks again for playing and I hope you try the new build in a couple of days.


Would be nice to slide by the wall if you're pressing diagonally against it.


Hey Thanks for playing and all the great feedback and bug reports. We have just about fixed all those bugs and will be uploading a new build in a few days. I agree about the wall movement and diagonal movement and those are on our to do list.


I noticed the diagonal movement is faster than the vertical/horizontal movement. If that's not intentional, you probably want to normalize the direction vector after adding up the axis.


Suggestion: One thing I noticed, the game runs at a slower framerate when the window is not focused, and what happens is that the sound still plays at a slow pace. Would be nice to pause the game when it's not focused, and wait for the player to click on a button to resume the gameplay.

(2 edits) (+1)

Bugreport: Sometimes the "snake" enemy "dies" (stops moving), one of its circles becomes basically invincible, stuck there forever. Anyway, the room enemy count checks out and you can go the the next room. After changing rooms, that circle still counts as an enemy, keeping you "locked" in that room, and there's no way for you to go back to kill it. Forced to reload the game.
A suggestion would be to force kill enemies out of your room.


Bugreport: Sometimes, when the enemy splits into more enemies, the enemy count goes wrong, and the room unlocks before all enemies are dead. When you kill an enemy after the room is unlocked and proceed to the corridor, you get stuck between the rooms and youre forced to reload the game.


Man this is absolutly spectacular! I'm really loving it!

Thank you! Thats really nice, lots more stuff to come.